Oral Support: 20 Questions

By Erika Dreifus Premium

Home and Family Life

• What’s your first memory?

• Who’s the oldest relative you remember (and what do you remember about him or her)?

• How did your parents meet?

• Tell me about your childhood home(s).

• How did your family celebrate holidays when you were a child?

• How did you meet your spouse? (If married)

• Tell me about your wedding day. (If married)

• Tell me about the day your first child was born. (If a parent)

School and Work

• What were your favorite school subjects?

• Tell me about your teachers.

• Tell me about some of your friends.

• Tell me about your first job.

• What did you do with your first paycheck?

• What advice would you offer those nearing retirement? (If retired)


• Who are some of your heroes?

• Where were you when you heard that President Kennedy was shot? (Add or substitute other important historical events.)

• What’s your experience with or opinion of computers and television?

• Tell me about your favorite songs (also books, movies and TV shows).

• Tell me about some of the places where you’ve been happiest.

• What haven’t I asked that you’d like to talk about?
From the September 2004 Trace Your Family History