Order Processors

Order Processors

Software to help you whip your files into order.

A variety of software will help you whip your files into order, including:

? Clooz <www.clooz.com> is a tool for filing your genealogical records and analyzing your data. The program’s creator recommends filing by record type. First, use templates to enter information from books, directories, census records, correspondence and photographs. You also can attach scans of documents and photographs. Then print reports based on criteria such as surname, place and event (such as birth or marriage). Clooz requires Windows 95 or higher and costs $39.95.

? Extensis Portfolio <www.extensis.com> creates a visual database from your files and helps you organize, find and distribute them. It’s $199.95 and works with Windows or Macintosh.

? PaperPort Deluxe <www.scansoft.com> helps you organize, edit and share scanned documents and digital photos. It requires Windows 98 or higher and sells for $99.99.
From the February 2004 Family Tree Magazine



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