Tips for Ordering Family Reunion T-shirts

Tips for Ordering Family Reunion T-shirts

Save money and time by knowing the right questions to ask before you place your order.

Ordering T-shirts for your family reunion? Use these tips to avoid disappointment on reunion day:

If you’re including the cost of T-shirts in registration, you’ll need to know everyone’s sizes. Send your family members order forms at least six months before your reunion. Ask for payment in advance, and order a few extra shirts for people who didn’t order early.

Allow plenty of time for delivery of imprinted items. Some companies demand payment up front; others accept orders payable by invoice. Save money by omitting the year or other nonessential information on personalized items: You may have shirts left for future get-togethers.

Phyllis Hackleman in Reunion Planner (Clearfield Company, $12.95 ) suggests some questions to ask when ordering shirts or other souvenirs:

  • Are there charges to screen artwork?
  • Are there extra charges for more than one color?
  • Will the manufacturer guarantee colors? Does it cost extra?
  • Who pays shipping charges? How much are they?
  • Who pays UPS repacking charges, if incurred?
  • Will the manufacturer share a proof before production to verify that it’s the product you want?
  • Will you be obligated to pay for an overrun of more than the exact number you order?

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