Preserving Memories

By Diane Haddad Premium

Craft Punch Mate

Sore hands are a common complaint for punch-happy scrappers. The Uchida Craft Punch Mate offers relief with a comfortable handle that requires just a quick press for a perfect punch — even through cardstock. It also helps not-so-sharp punches perform better, and makes aligning punches a breeze. It retails for $19.99. Extra Santa points: Punches, of course. (800) 541-5877, <>

Vanishing Ink Pen

The Vanishing Ink Pen will be a welcome-stocking stuffer for those who suffer from crooked-journaling syndrome. First trace lines using a template or ruler, then journal. Then leave the page exposed to indirect natural light out of its protector and watch the lines disappear over the next 24 to 72 hours. Some also use the $3.49 pen to mark photo and sticker locations on a page-in-progress or to trace letters and paper-piecing patterns. Extra Santa points: Accompany the pen with Chatterbox journaling Genie templates. (877) 722-4288, <>

Scrap ‘n Tote

Send your scrapper off to “crops” with supplies neatly stowed and protected in the slim, easy-to-carry Scrap ‘n Tote from Tran Products. Two clear zipper pouches corral scissors, stamps and punches. D-shaped binder rings hold 12×12-inch page protectors (not included) for papers, stickers and photos. A detachable holder keeps more than 70 pens within easy reach. The 14¼×16¾×4-inch hard-sided

nylon tote is available in several colors for $46.90. Extra Santa points: Fill the tote with supplies. (800) 547-9750, <>

Chubby Letters

Deja Views Chubby Letters alphabet and number templates by C-Thru Ruler Co. are large enough to crop your photos into letter shapes for dramatic, interesting page titles that let you incorporate lots of photos onto a page. Other techniques to try: Mat the photo-letters so they pop off the background, use one letter to start a journaled paragraph, or let silhouetted photos of people peek from behind decorative paper letters. The templates cost $9.95. Extra Santa points: Use them to make a scrapbook page about the two of you. (800) 243-8419, <>

Quilted Pages

A well-loved patchwork quit evokes nostalgic thoughts of Grandma serving in her favorite rocking chair. It’s no wonder, then, that “quilted” scrapbook pages are so popular. To create the holiday page shown here, use the pattern (below left, bottom) to cut 16 wedge shapes in various papers (use small patterns for a calico quilt feel). Clue them in a circle on solid paper. Trim the paper to make a mat, then glue to the background sheet. Glue ¾-inch-wide strips to the sides of the page. Use the corner pattern (left, top) to cut four corner shapes; mat and glue them to the page. Mat and attach your photo, then journal in a contrasting color.


Here’s an easy alphabet to dress up your holiday title pages. Just draw stick letters, then use pens in light and dark green to add short pine-needles. Use drawn or sticker bows and ornaments to add color. Unite a spread by adding a pine-garland border to the facing page.
From the December 2000 issue of Family Tree Magazine