Scrapbook Stitching

By Family Tree Editors Premium

A Stitch in Time
Many of us remember Grandma sitting with her embroidery hoop, working diligently on a beautiful piece of needlework. You can evoke the same homespun feel by adding a cross-stitch look to your heritage album. It’s easy to adapt sewing techniques to paper—use a pattern book, perforated cross-stitch paper and pens to create a faux cross-stitch, or color in the squares of mesh plastic canvas (available at craft stores) for a mock needlepoint look. You can even sew right on the page: To create an authentic cross-stitched page, use a pencil to lightly draw a small grid on the page and pencil in the design you’re using. Then punch holes around the design on the page using a push pin. Erase the pencil lines and stitch through the holes.
—Amy G. Partain

Deja Views Time & Again kits come in several heritage motifs, including Wedding, The Early Years, Military and Career and Through the Years. Each $15.95 kit contains a template, precut frames, printed paper, solid cardstock, border stickers, self-adhesive photo corners, titles and more. C-Thru Ruler also sells coordinating vintage-fabric papers ($27.50 per pack of 50) and yesteryear letter stickers ($3.99 per sheet). (800) 243-8419,

Preservation Technologies has shed light on a pesky paper- preservation problem: how to keep letters, documents, newspaper clippings and other keepsakes from yellowing as they age. Its new Paper Bright spray acts as a “sunblock” for paper. A few squirts will stave off fading and discoloration by soaking up ultraviolet light. The company designed Paper Bright to work in tandem with its popular Archival Mist spray, which halts acid damage to paper by applying an alkaline buffer. Both products come in 1.5- and 5.3-ounce pump-and-spray bottles. (800) 416-2665,
—Allison Stacy