Put the Fun in Fundraising

By Jenny Wohlfarth Premium

“Paying for your reunion may be among your most creative challenges,” says Edith Wagner, editor of Reunions Magazine. Fund-raising goals, Wagner explains, can defray reunion costs, provide money for members to attend the reunion or raise scholarship money for young family members. “Raising money can be as much or as little fun as you want to make it, but it can also be a drag,” Wagner adds. “It’s up to the family to make it fun and to generate enthusiasm. When done well, fund raisers can be both entertaining and profitable; the best ones contribute to the fun and enjoyment of the reunion.” Here are some successful fund-raising tips Reunions Magazine collected from its readers over the years:

? Hold a bake or craft sale.

? Collect pledges for a bike race or bowl-a-thon.

? Create and sell reunion souvenirs to attendees (calendars, videos or T-shirts).

? Compile family recipes and sell a cookbook.

? Secure corporate funding (one family in Milwaukee convinced Coca-Cola to contribute enough to cover the cost of the family banquet, T-shirts and a permanent reunion banner).

? Save your pennies (a Georgia family saved theirs for two years; when they emptied their reunion piggy banks and counted the change, they’d raised $999).

? Don’t be afraid to pass the hat; family members often graciously pitch in.


 From the June 2003 Family Tree Magazine