Quick Guide: Family History Storytelling Websites

Quick Guide: Family History Storytelling Websites

Share your and your family's story by using these websites.

It’s been said that everyone has a story, but how many of us bother to record the stories in our families? With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to save and preserve our precious family memories online. Whether you want to document the important moments in your own life or remember the lives of your ancestors, here are some of the latest websites and apps to make storytelling a snap.
 Website  Description  Features  Tips
HistoryLines                          This free website creates a life sketch incorporating historical and cultural background for any ancestor on your family tree.
  • The clickable Google map lets you see where your ancestor lived in proximity to events of historical significance.
  • Import a FamilySearch tree or GEDCOM file, or enter an ancestor’s name and life dates.
  • Add personal events and family members to the timeline.
Customize your stories with memories, events and photos. Then share them on social media, embed them on your blog or print them to pass out at a family gathering.
Intent This iOS app helps connect friends and family through video interviews taken on your smartphone or tablet. The free version includes 1GB of cloud storage. The premium version costs $4.99/month and offers 40GB of storage.
  •  Record a conversation with a friend or family member and upload the interview straight from your device.
  • Tag videos based on subject or event or add custom tags, making them easily searchable.
  • Use the vast database of questions to drive your interview forward.
Use Talk About to share your own thoughts or feelings about important people in your life.
StoryPress This free, simple storytelling app makes it easy for people to speak, save and share their stories via social media. StoryPress has been called “the Instagram of stories.”
  • The app is primarily audiocentric, but you can incorporate pictures, video and other types of media.
  • Create new stories by clicking on the +Story button.
Choose from a list of story guides or customize a story using the “blank” guide. You can save your story to come back to it later, or publish the story to your library.
StoryWorth An online subscription service to preserve and share stories, this app won the grand prize at the 2015 RootsTech Innovator Showdown. Subscribe for a month for $12.99, or for a year for $6.49 per month.
  • Email weekly prompts to relatives asking a question about their lives.
  • Family members record responses by email or phone. To record audio, Storyworth will call a person and ask him to record the story, just like a voicemail.
Everything on StoryWorth is private by default and you have full control over who can see your family’s stories.
Treelines Use your family tree as a starting point to create a timeline with this free online tool. Add memories, photographs, anecdotes and more.
  • Upload a GEDCOM or start your family tree from scratch using the tree builder.
  • Add details about the people in your tree through photos or text.
  • Tag pages with names, dates and places.
  • See a timeline for key events in the person’s life. 
For optimal impact, keep each of your pages short with just a few sentences; if you need to say more, start a new page.


From the July/August 2015 Family Tree Magazine

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