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Read All About It

Headlines from Family Tree Magazine‘s first five years.
By Diane Haddad

Feel like you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years? Don’t worry – if any of these top genealogical stories are news to you, get up to speed by reading past editions of Family Tree Magazine‘s Branching Out news column. See a sampling of our hot-topic coverage below.

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Ellis Island’s Web debut

? April 26, 2001, E-Mail Update: “Virtual Overcrowding at Ellis Island”’s dominance

? October 2000 Branching Out: “RootsWeb Now Under Umbrella”

? April 10, 2003, E-Mail Update: “Online Domination: Acquires”

? Jan. 22, 2004, E-Mail Update: “A Growing Family”

Genetic genealogy

? October 2000 Branching Out: “Putting the Gene in Genealogy”

? March 18, 2004, E-Mail Update:“Why DNA?”

? June 2004 Branching Out: “Y’s Up”

? Oct. 28, 2004, E-Mail Update: “Mighty Search”

1930 census release

? April 4, 2002, E-Mail Update: “1930 Census — It’s Finally Here!”

Record-access restrictions

? Dec. 13, 2001, E-Mail Update: “California Halts Sale of Vital Records”

? June 19, 2003, E-Mail Update: “State Updates” (Ohio, Texas, Maine and New Jersey)

? February 2004 Branching Out: “In the Buckeye of the Storm”

National Archives developments

? May 30, 2002, E-Mail Update: “NARA Launches New Web Site”

? April 10, 2003, E-Mail Update: “Electronic Records Galore”

? February 2004 Branching Out: “Archives Unveiled”

? Aug. 5, 2004, E-Mail Update: “Fighting Obsolescence” 

From the February 2005 Family Tree Magazine