Read All About It

Read All About It

Headlines from Family Tree Magazine's first five years.

Read All About It

Headlines from Family Tree Magazine‘s first five years.
By Diane Haddad

Feel like you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years? Don’t worry – if any of these top genealogical stories are news to you, get up to speed by reading past editions of Family Tree Magazine‘s Branching Out news column. See a sampling of our hot-topic coverage below.

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Ellis Island’s Web debut

? April 26, 2001, E-Mail Update: “Virtual Overcrowding at Ellis Island”’s dominance

? October 2000 Branching Out: “RootsWeb Now Under Umbrella”

? April 10, 2003, E-Mail Update: “Online Domination: Acquires”

? Jan. 22, 2004, E-Mail Update: “A Growing Family”

Genetic genealogy

? October 2000 Branching Out: “Putting the Gene in Genealogy”

? March 18, 2004, E-Mail Update:“Why DNA?”

? June 2004 Branching Out: “Y’s Up”

? Oct. 28, 2004, E-Mail Update: “Mighty Search”

1930 census release

? April 4, 2002, E-Mail Update: “1930 Census — It’s Finally Here!”

Record-access restrictions

? Dec. 13, 2001, E-Mail Update: “California Halts Sale of Vital Records”

? June 19, 2003, E-Mail Update: “State Updates” (Ohio, Texas, Maine and New Jersey)

? February 2004 Branching Out: “In the Buckeye of the Storm”

National Archives developments

? May 30, 2002, E-Mail Update: “NARA Launches New Web Site”

? April 10, 2003, E-Mail Update: “Electronic Records Galore”

? February 2004 Branching Out: “Archives Unveiled”

? Aug. 5, 2004, E-Mail Update: “Fighting Obsolescence” 

From the February 2005 Family Tree Magazine

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