Recent Additions to Findmypast’s Records Trove

By Sunny Jane Morton Premium

Findmypast offers the world’s deepest treasure chest of British Isles genealogy records. Among new record highlights are nearly a million Welsh parish records; half a million Kent parish records; WWII collections for England; Scottish censuses and burials; compiled Irish family histories; updates to the PERSI, the 1939 Register, electoral registers and more.

Here’s a quick rundown of new resources available on the site:

1. PERSI: An international record treasure

Over 8,000 new articles from more than 60 publications are now available to search in the PERiodical Source Index (PERSI), available only on Findmypast. PERSI contains millions of entries from thousands of historical, genealogical and ethnic publications. Because PERSI is a subject index rather than a name index, you have to search it a little differently than usual genealogy searches. It’s all about asking the right questions, as this brand new PERSI article and video tutorial demonstrate.

2. England and Wales: 1939 Register updates

Findmypast has added another 30,000 previously “closed records” to its invaluable 1939 Register. The 1939 Register offers a unique snapshot of England and Wales residents on the eve of World War II. (Click here to learn more about the 1939 Register)

Findmypast’s collection now contains more than 33.9 million searchable records. Each includes the names of inhabitants at each address, dates of birth, marital status and occupation. Findmypast adds a wealth of contextual information to this collection, including period photographs, infographics, region-specific newspaper articles and historical and contemporary maps, personally tailored to each record.

3. England and Wales: 54 million more electoral registers

Findmypast has already doubled the size of its newly-reindexed collection, England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1920-1932. Another 54 million newly indexed records spanning the years 1921 to 1925 have been added. The collection now contains a complete run of all surviving records for all parliamentary boroughs from A to L.

This new and improved collection now contains over 107 million records that help bridge the record gap left by the destruction of the 1931 census of England & Wales. Click here to learn more about Electoral Registers in our recent post that announced the new collection.

4. England in World War II

New collections have been released that will help you find your British Isles ancestors during the chaos of World War II:

  • Britain, Gestapo Invasion Arrest List 1940. This “to be arrested” list of more than 2300 names was compiled by the German Gestapo as it prepared to invade Britain. The list includes most major figures in the British political establishment, prominent cultural figures and refugees.
  • Jersey, German Occupation Identity Cards 1940-1945. Discover details of the identities of Jersey residents this collection of over 62,000 transcripts of records created under German occupying authorities. With no 1939 identity register taken in the Channel Islands, this collection forms the most comprehensive census substitute available to a family historian.
  • Jersey, German Occupation Prosecutions 1940-1945. Discover details about those accused by occupying German forces of crimes and sentences. Punishment varied and was undertaken by the German military authorities. Many who were given long sentences were deported to the continent, some never to return.

5. England parish records

New and updated collections of English parish records at Findmypast cover the following areas:

  • Dorset. More than 387,000 new records have been added to Dorset Baptisms and over 22,000 new records have been added to Dorset burials. These collections now date range from the 1500s to the 1990s and cover more than 300 parishes. The information contained in original records varies. Most baptismal records will include a combination of an ancestor’s birth date, birth place, baptism date, baptism place, parents’ names, and father’s occupation. Burials can reveal an ancestor’s age at death, birth year, burial date and burial place.
  • Kent. More than half a million new Kent parish records are now available. Among these are over 464,0000 new Kent Baptisms, nearly 30,000 Kent Banns, over 5,000 new Kent Marriages and over 16,000 new Kent Burials. Additionally, more than 35,000 records have been added to the Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Registers, now spanning 1813 to 2001. More great new Kent collections: Kent Poor Law Union Records (1835-1841), comprising 16 different types of poor law union documents from 24 different unions across Kent, and Kent Registers & Records, comprising seven fascinating historical publications to learn more about the history of Kent.
  • Middlesex Baptisms 1543-1876. Over 2,800 irregular baptisms found within the National Archive’s collection of clandestine marriages have been added to Middlesex Baptisms 1543-1876. These new additions were registered in London, mostly in the vicinity of the Fleet but also in Mayfair and south of the Thames at the Mint.
  • Staffordshire, Dioceses of Lichfield & Coventry Marriage Allegations and Bonds, 1636-1893. Over 13,000 additional records have been added for the years 1632 to 1893 and include images of the original documents. These records will enable you to discover an ancestor’s age, marriage date, marriage location, occupation status, parish, and spouse’s personal details.

6. Compiled Irish family histories: O’Hart’s Irish Pedigrees

O’Hart’s Irish Pedigrees are two volumes of compiled Ireland family histories reaching far back into history, and published in 1915. The first volume describes its contents as: “We give in the ‘Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation,’ and, so far as we could collect them, the genealogies of the families which branched from that ancient stem.” The second volume states, “We give the ‘Families in Ireland from the twelfth to the end of the sixteenth century, with the counties in which they, respectively, we located.” These records reveal biographical details such as birth dates, death dates, marriage dates, spouse’s names, children’s names, occupations and more.

7. A 1931 Irish trade directory

In Ireland’s 1931 Trade Directory, explore the towns and counties for the names of large companies, banks, tradesmen and small local businesses. Record transcripts include names of businesses or companies, along with occupations and address.

8. Ireland gravestones

This Ireland Gravestone Record collection covers all 32 Counties in Ireland, with reference to hundreds of graveyards and details of almost 57,600 individuals. Most records include the deceased’s age at death, birth year, death year, death date, occupation and burial location.

9. Waterford, Ireland’s Poor Law Union records

The Waterford Poor Law Union Board of Guardians minute books, exclusively available on Findmypast, contains more than 229,000 records. The board of guardians were responsible for the administration and operation of the workhouse and poor relief. Minutes of weekly meetings recorded how many men and women were housed in the workhouse, how many were discharged or died, and the number of births. Outdoor relief (supplied outside the workhouse) was also noted in the weekly minutes. New records from other unions will be added in the future.

10. Scotland burials

Over 30,000 records covering Abernethy, Greyfriars, Kilmore, Urray, Clachan, and more have been added to Scottish Monumental Inscriptions. Most inscription transcripts include the deceased’s death date and burial location at the very least, and often more.

Additionally, the Scotland, Edinburgh & Lothian Death and Burial Index now offers more than 89,000 burial records from Edinburgh and Lothian. Transcripts reveal when an ancestor died as well as the location of the final resting place. Some also provide the names of a spouse or parents.

11. Scottish censuses

Edinburgh St Cuthbert’s Census of 1790 listed the names of each of the head of the household and within each family unit, the number of parents, children, lodgers, and servants. (Each category was separated into male and female.)

  • The Berwickshire, Ladykirk Heads of Household in 1811 census recorded the names of the heads of the household in Ladykirk in 1811 as well as information pertaining to their family and other members of their household.
  • Inhabitants of the Burgh of Perth 1766 was a list was taken by magistrates. It recorded the names of the heads of the household and then noted certain facts about the others in the house, such as age, occupation or religion.
    Shetland, Tingwall List of Inhabitants in 1785 reveals such information as an ancestor’s age, residence and the number of other people residing in their household.

12. More Edinburgh, Scotland genealogy records

The Edinburgh & Lothian Birth and Baptism Index covers more than 4,000 Scottish birth and baptism records covering the Dalkeith Free Church (1843-1854), Gaelic Church Edinburgh (1852-1855), Edinburgh Lothian Road Associate Congregation (1827-1855), Roslin Free Church (1843-1854), Dalkeith Burgher Congregation (1747-1763) and Baptismal records of Bristo Church of Scotland.

Scotland, Edinburgh Temperance Pledges 1886-1908 is an index to temperance pledges that were introduced by the United Presbyterian Church and originally called the Band of Hope Register. The index records names, birth years, addresses and includes the names and ages of numerous children who signed the pledge.

13. Welsh Parish Records

Over 921,000 new records have been added to Findmypast’s Welsh parish records collections. Additional parish baptisms, banns, marriages and burials are now available to search across 13 counties in the Wales collections.

Parish records provide names, dates and places in similar fashion to the GRO birth, marriage and death records, but the level of detail within a parish record depends largely on what was recorded on the original. Most parish records do not include accompanying images.

14. More Welsh genealogy treasures

Six publications in Welsh Registers & Records now contain over 4,000 parish register entries, other records and fascinating local history. Current titles include: Episcopal Registers of the Diocese of St David’s, Volumes I & II; Highways & Byways in North Wales, published in 1898; Notes On the History of the Anglesey Hunt; Parish Registers of Caerwent & Llanfair Discoed; published in 1920; Parish Registers of Conwy, published in 1900 and West Wales Historical Records, various volumes published between 1913 and 1929.

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