Russian Genealogy Resources

Russian Genealogy Resources

Recommended books and CD-ROMs for finding your Russian ancestors.


  • Archives of Russia: A Directory and Bibliographic Guide to Holdings in Moscow and St. Petersburg edited by Patricia Kennedy Grimsted (M.E. Sharpe)
  • Culture and Customs of Russia by Sydney Schultze (Greenwood Press)
  • Dictionary of Russian Personal Names: With a Revised Guide to Stress and Morphology by Morton Benson (Cambridge University Press)
  • Migration from the Russian Empire series edited by Ira A. Glazier (Genealogical Publishing Co.)
  • Research Guide to the Russian and Soviet Censuses edited by Ralph S. Clem (Frontier Press)
  • The Russian Americans by Paul Robert Magocsi (Chelsea House)
  • Russian Language Documents from Russian Poland: A Translation Manual for Genealogists by Jonathan Shea (Frontier Press)
  • The Russian Heritage Cookbook by Lynn Visson (Casa Dana Books)


  • Russians to America, 1850-1896: Passenger and Immigration Lists CD-ROM (

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