Scrapbooking Tricks and Tips

Scrapbooking Tricks and Tips

Spark your crafting creativity with these easy ideas for photo mats, layout help and lettering.

Scrapbooking Q&A

Q. The colors I choose for photo mats usually end up looking all wrong. Do you have any advice?

A. Mats can enhance and draw attention to your photos, but the array of papers out there makes choosing a pattern or color difficult. Take your pictures with you when you shop and hold them against several papers that reflect colors in the photos. Notice what happens: Does the subject stand out? Is the photo overwhelmed? Also, keep these tips in mind:

  • Look for an accent color, or a bright color that appears in a small area (such as the graduate’s purple tassel in the photo above). Accent colors often make great mats.
  • Layering mats is fun, but follow the “golden rule” of matting—always separate printed papers with solids. The white mat above does this nicely.
  • Lighten up a dark photo such as the one shown here with a light mat. Likewise, a dark mat can tone down a too-bright photo. But remember to keep the pattern and color consistent with the mood of a photo.
  • Elaborately mat the best photo on a page to make it the focal point. Keep the other mats simple.
  • If you’re still unsure, you can’t go wrong with solids and simple patterns. Study the pages in scrapbooking magazines, books and Web sites for inspiration.

New in Print

Great Scrapbooks, from Memory Makers magazine. Elevate your scrapbooking hobby to an art form with help from this book of more than 100 inspiring ideas and beautiful layouts. Learn new skills from easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on paper piercing, puzzle pages, photo kaleidoscopes, punch art, photo mosaics, layered paper cutting, paper folding, pop-up pages and 3-D photos. If these terms sound like hieroglyphics to you, the illustrated glossary of techniques will clear things up. Patterns and templates for the projects along with a directory of suppliers make this a useful book for all scrappers. (Satellite Press, $25)

Spooky Alphabet

October is the time for little ghosts and goblins to roam the neighborhood looking for treats. Make your Halloween scrapbook pages suitably spooky with our spiderweb alphabet. Just draw crooked stick letters in white on a dark background, then connect them with webs. Make a spider by tying four threads into a large knot and trimming the legs. Draw more spider webs in the corners of the page and even add a vellum ghost or two.

For more fun ways to preserve your memories, see the October 2000 issue of Family Tree Magazine.

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