Photography Toolkit

Photography Toolkit

Think you've uncovered all the clues in your family photos? Use these resources to discover surprising details about your kin.

Web Sites


  • American Photographs: The First Century by Merry A. Foresta (Smithsonian Institution Press, $35)
  • Biographies of Western Photographers 1840-1900 by Carl Mautz (Carl Mautz Publishing, $50)
  • Black Photographers 1840-1940: An Illustrated Biobibliography by Deborah Willis-Thomas (Garland, out of print)
  • Catching Shadows: A Directory of Nineteenth-Century Texas Photographers by David Haynes (Texas State Historical Association, $19.95)
  • Collector’s Guide to Early Photographs by O. Henry Mace (Krause Publications, $19.95)
  • Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900 by Chris Steele and Ron Polito (Picton Press, $75)
  • Directory of Pennsylvania Photographers, 1839-1900 by Linda Ries and Jay W. Ruby (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, $29.95)
  • Directory of Photographers in the United States 1888 & 1889 and Canada 1889 by Diane VanSkiver Gagel (Heritage Books, $31)
  • International Guide to Nineteenth Century Photographers and Their Works: Based on Catalogues of Auction Houses and Dealers (Art) by Gary Edwards (G.K. Hall, $70)
  • Ohio Photographers, 1839-1900 by Diane VanSkiver Gagel (Carl Mautz Publishing, $35)
  • Photographers: A Sourcebook for Historical Research edited by Peter Palmquist (Carl Mautz Publishing, $25)
  • Photography and Photographers to 1900: An Annotated Bibliography by Robert S. Sennet (Garland, out of print)


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