Southern Genealogy Web Sites

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African-American genealogy.

Carolina Cuzins

The Freedmen’s Bureau Online
Records of freed slaves.

Mid-Atlantic Roots Network
Includes Virginia and North Carolina.

Southern Trails

Traveller Southern Families

National Archives Confederate Pension Records information

Internet Mailing Lists
Appalachian roots. To subscribe, send an e-mail saying “subscribe” to

Covers Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. To subscribe, send “SUB DEEP-SOUTH-ROOTS-L firstname lastname” to

Early Families in Southern States
Focuses on colonial Maryland, Virginia and Carolinas. To subscribe, send “subscribe” to

Focuses on Scots and Germans along the “Philadelphia Road,” including Virginia and the Carolinas. Send “subscribe” to

Southern Trails
Focuses on Southern migration. Send “subscribe” to

State Guides
Guides to resources and links for each state:

Cyndi’s List

FamilySearch Research Outlines