Luke, I Am Your 8th-Great-Grandchild

Luke, I Am Your 8th-Great-Grandchild

Think your brick-wall ancestors were dropped here from outer space? Maybe you'll find them on the Star Wars family tree.

You might be convinced one or two of your ancestors came from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. In that case, you’ll be happy to hear Disney has plans to continue making Star Wars for at least the next ten years.

The most recent films focus partially on the offspring of Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker—the main characters in the original science-fiction trilogy (episodes IV through VI) creator George Lucas released from 1977 through 1983. 
Check out this great family tree from Geek.
(Click the image to see the full Star Wars family tree on Chart Geek. Warning: The full chart contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, plus popular fan theories about other characters’ origins.)
You’ll also want to study the pedigrees of three Star Wars families: the Skywalkers, the Naberries and Chewbacca (whose Wookie society apparently hasn’t yet invented surnames). We met some of these folks in the prequel episodes I through III, released from 1999 through 2005.

If you can prove a relationship, be prepared to find black-sheep ancestors. During The Empire Strikes Back, the series’ fifth episode, the evil, black-masked Darth Vader shocked young Jedi knight Luke Skywalker by intoning, “I am your father (gasp-wheeze).” (Vader abruptly ended the reunion by whacking off his long-lost son’s arm with a light saber.) 

Luke’s sire, the once-virtuous Anakin Skywalker, adopted his new name after embracing the Dark Side of the Force in The Revenge of the Sith. To protect then-infant Luke and his twin, Leia, Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi whisked them across the galaxy to adoptive parents.

Another reason to hope your relatives aren’t in the Skywalker line: You’ll run smack into a brick wall at Luke’s grandparents—his grandma Shmi Skywalker has always been vague about Anakin’s father. Movie fans suspect the ubiquitous Force, which probably doesn’t have a birth certificate. That’s certainly a mystery, but what we really want to know is who got together and spawned Jabba the Hut?