Genetic Genealogy Test Results Databases

Genetic Genealogy Test Results Databases

If you find a match to your DNA markers in one of these online databases, you may be able to climb your family tree faster than ever.

If you find a match to your DNA markers in one of these online, public test results databases, you can collaborate with that person on research and confirm (or disprove) genealogical theories to climb your family tree faster than ever. No matches? Keep trying; DNA databases are growing quickly.

The following databases are free (your testing company also may compare your results to its own private database). If you took a Y-DNA test, make sure you search a Y-DNA database; mtDNA test-takers should plug their results into an mtDNA database.

Different testing companies test different DNA markers, so make sure you follow any conversion instructions the dataabse site provides. You’ll usually be able to contact potential matches through the Web site.

Genetic Genealogy Test Results Databases

Ancestry DNA
You can search DNA Ancestry’s Y-DNA and mtDNA databases free (you’ll be prompted to register with before searching). This database also contains results from Y-Match, which acquired along with Relative Genetics in 2007.

This genetic genealogy-meets-social networking site has tools that let you search part of the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation databases.

This Family Tree DNA database has mtDNA test results

This database of genetic genealogy test results from volunteers around the world, useful for comparing DNA profiles, is tricky to use. Through the testing company DNA Consulting, you can order an analysis comparing your results to Omnipop.

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF)
You can enter Y-DNA or mtDNA marker values or a surname to search the database of SMGF study participants’ results, which are linked to pedigree information. The free DNA-social networking site GeneTree automatically searches SMGF’s mtDNA database for registered users.
This site’s technical language makes it primarily for the scientific community, but if you’re game, click Search Database.

Family Tree DNA has created special conversion pages to help you upload results from any testing company to this database.

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