The Lowdown on Legacy 5.0

The Lowdown on Legacy 5.0

Legacy Family Tree gets an upgrade.

Software maker Millennia has introduced an upgrade to its popular Legacy Family Tree genealogy computer program. Version 5.0 is available in a free Standard Edition — but the Deluxe Edition has the best new features, including:

• a place-names database with a Radius Search for nearby towns

• a descendant-view option from the main screen to show the selected person’s progeny

• a US historical county verifier to warn you about incorrect county names for the given time period

• reports, such as multiple lines of descent and a photo calendar

Legacy Family Tree 5.0 requires Windows 95 or higher and 64MB RAM. Download the Deluxe Edition for $19.95 from <>; add $10 to $25 for training CDs and a user guide. Look for a review in the June 2004 Family Tree Magazine.

From the April 2004 Family Tree Magazine

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