Tombstone Tribute

By Family Tree Editors Premium

Genealogists visit cemeteries to research their ancestors’ final resting places; Michael Nejman frequents them to take pictures. The self-proclaimed “Grin” Reaper has photographed graveyards worldwide and posted his work on a Web site entitled To Die For!

As the name implies, this site is a tribute to the “lighter side” of death. The site’s “Loose Dirt” section highlights the latest death news and provides funerary trivia, such as who’s buried at Westminster Abbey. It also includes famous last words, links to other sites and above all, a celebration of cemeteries.

To Die For! is Nejman’s tribute to his favorite monuments and necropolises. Here you’ll find his Top 10 Graves of the Rich and Famous (yes, Elvis made the list) and his pick for “Most Ostentatious Memorial in America,” and learn who owns the plot next to Marilyn Monroe (it’s not Joe DiMaggio). The site also reveals what Graceland, Lenin’s Mausoleum and the Pyramids at Giza have in common: They all made the Grin Reaper’s Top 10 World Cemeteries list.