Add-ons for Your FamilySearch Family Tree

Add-ons for Your FamilySearch Family Tree

These third-party tools let you easily make charts, create maps and do other cool tricks with your FamilySearch family tree.

 The free FamilySearch Family Tree <> sets itself apart from other online family tree collections in a couple of ways: First, it maintains a single record for each person, avoiding the massive duplication in most other family tree databases. Second, a growing list of third-party add-ons expands Family Tree’s functionality. Listed at <>, they include general-purpose genealogy software that can share data with Family Tree, such as Ancestral Quest, Legacy Family Tree and RootsMagic (for Windows), and MacFamilyTree (for Mac OS X).
This overview describes other Family­Search Family Tree add-ons (free unless indicated otherwise), ranging from research tools to shortcuts for sharing family history. My favorites are the tools for creating charts, which can make excellent gifts or help with your research, but you might find something else useful to help with researching, writing and sharing your family history.

Charting Companion for Family­Search <>

Charting Companion for Windows creates colorful ancestor and descendant charts and reports with data pulled from your FamilySearch Family Tree. You can specify how many generations to include and add selected events and photos. Save your chart as a file for online sharing and printing. After the free trial, the program costs $29.95.

Family ChartMasters <>
Drawing on your FamilySearch Family Tree or your genealogy data and

photos, Family ChartMasters creates large family tree charts for reunions, gifts or research reference. Choose from the ancestor and descendant chart designs, then customize your chart with photos or graphics. For a fee, you can have the chart printed on parchment paper, vinyl, canvas or other material.

Family Photoloom <>

An online app, Family Photoloom lets you organize your digital photos into albums, tag them by name and add descriptions. You can import information from your FamilySearch Family Tree, link your pictures back to it, and invite people to view your photo albums. Family Photoloom is free for up to 200 images with 1 GB of storage and up to 10 guest viewers. For $39 a year, there are no limits on uploads or invited guests.

Leaf <>

Created by the BYU Open Source Lab, this app creates colorful charts showing several generations of a person’s ancestors so you can easily spot where you’re missing information.

RootsMapper <>

RootsMapper plots your ancestors’ places of birth on a map using data from your FamilySearch Family Tree. You can display up to eight generations of ancestors and visualize their migration patterns. The root person can’t be living, so look up a deceased person’s ID in FamilySearch Family Tree before you begin.

TenGenChart <>

Using data either from FamilySearch Family Tree or a GEDCOM file, you can create a 10-generation circular pedigree chart showing each person’s name and years of birth and death. Save the chart as a PDF file in one of three sizes from letter to 36×36 inches.

TreeSeek (CreateFan) <>

CreateFan makes several kinds of family tree charts, including four-generation pedigree and photo charts, a five-generation family photo chart and nine-generation fan and pedigree charts. The colored nine-generation fan chart is attractive and shows just names. Download a chart as a PDF or order a print for a fee.

BrowseHero and FamilyHero <>

These two programs work with Family Tree (or genealogy software such as Legacy Family Tree or RootsMagic) to point out errors, duplicate individuals and missing information in your family tree. At $24.95 a year for one program, or $39.95 a year for both, you might expect them to do more.

Find-a-Record <>
This tool helps identify gaps and potential problems in your family tree so you can see where you need to do more research. It links to record collections on free and subscription sites that might have the information you need. Click to search the site using information in your FamilySearch Family Tree (subscription fees may apply).

MagiCensus Deluxe and MagiTree <>
MagiCensus Deluxe helps you extract data from US, Canadian, Irish, Scottish and British census records. From there, you can easily view a family across multiple census years and add it to your FamilySearch Family Tree. MagiTree, a free app, also analyzes census data. These Windows programs have a few more features, but MagiCensus Deluxe’s $49.99 price tag seems high.

Puzzilla <>

Select a person in the FamilySearch Family Tree and this app will give you an aerial view of his or her descendants. A dot represents each person; click on it for more information. Puzzilla helps you quickly identify branches of your family tree where you need to track down more descendants.

RecordSeek <>

RecordSeek makes it easy to cite a website as a source in your FamilySearch Family Tree. Once you’ve installed the browser add-on, just click on Tree Connect in your bookmarks toolbar to create a citation to the site you’re on and attach it to a person in Family Tree.

AGES-Online <>

After adding your family history and optionally importing information from FamilySearch Family Tree, you can collaborate with others to create a family website with stories. The Economy plan ($39.95 a year) is limited to one photo per person. The Standard plan ($59.95 a year) supports multiple photos per person.

FileGrove <>

FileGrove lets you post digitized documents, photos and other items on its website. After uploading a file to FileGrove, you can tag it with names, places and keywords, and send it directly to your FamilySearch Source Box. Other researchers can search on those tags, view matching records and contact submitters. Free accounts are limited to 100 uploads, and all records must be made public. With a paid account, starting at $5.95 a month, you can upload multiple files at once, make them private and let others download your files.


iLived lets you upload family photos and stories to your FamilySearch tree, allowing you to provide context to your ancestors’ entries. In addition to simply adding photos to your tree, by uploading them to the iLived site you can directly share them with relatives. As an added plus, the iLived mobile app allows you to upload photos directly from your mobile device.

Legacy Stories <>
This site lets you bring your ancestors to life with photos, stories and oral histories. Record a narrative about family photos using your computer microphone. Link these talking slideshows, along with other audio and multimedia, to ancestors in your FamilySearch Family Tree. Similar to Facebook, Legacy Stories offers social networking features, so you can share your multimedia family history. The basic service is free. The pay version, starting at $5.95 a month, lets you organize your stories in multiple journals for different topics, such as Childhood or Military Service.
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