Toolkit Quick Hits: Family and Local History Books

Toolkit Quick Hits: Family and Local History Books

Before you trek to a library to find A Commemorative History of Antelope County, Nebraska or Descendants of Floyd Floosickle, 1750-1920, try tapping these online collections of digitized local and family history books—you can search thousands of tomes simultaneously and even save copies to your computer. Be sure to take advantage of the advanced search features noted below, such as wildcards to find spelling variations of names (Rob?son finds Robison and Robeson; Rob*son finds Robison, Robeson, Robinson and Robertson) and exact-phrase searching to find a full name (enclose it in quotation marks). But don’t rely entirely on the search engine; browse the tables of contents and indexes of promising books, too. To locate other online histories, check USGenWeb’s county pages, the Online Books Page and the Internet Archive.

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