Top 10 Things Not to Say in Your Genealogy Profile

Top 10 Things Not to Say in Your Genealogy Profile

You may not get "friended" much if your profile contains these gems.

10. Let me tell you all the details of my family’s history. My 65th-great-grandfather was born in 43 BC. He had a happy childhood …

9. I’m filthy rich and I’ll pay if you can show I’m related to British royalty.

8. Everyone tells me I’m crazy.

7. Contact me if you have an subscription and will look up my Great-uncle Elmer Flooflam in the 1920 census. And Cram Gertie’s marriage record. And while you’re at it…

6. Leggy blonde seeks distinguished gentleman for moonlit cemetery strolls and romantic library rendezvous.

5. My brick wall is my great-grandmother, who was a Cherokee princess.

4. Researching the Smith family from all over the United States. Please contact me with any information.


2. My bad habits include indiscriminate ancestor acquisition, leaving microfilm in the reader and clipping my fingernails in the middle of your genealogy lecture.

1. I come from a long line of serial killers.

From the January 2008 Family Tree Magazine

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