Thanksgiving History and Genealogy

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The History Channel: Thanksgiving
The truth about America’s first feast, including “A Meal Without Forks” and “Pilgrim Interviews.”

The Pilgrims and Leiden
Discussion of the Pilgrims’ sojourn in Leiden, Netherlands, before they sailed for North America.

Pilgrim Hall Museum
Tells the story of Plymouth Colony through the Pilgrims’ possessions and artifacts.

The Pilgrims & Plymouth Colony: 1620
Pilgrim historian and educator Duane A. Cline’s “study guide” for learning about the Pilgrims. See the recently updated section on the Wampanoag Indians, “Their Native American Friends,” which includes a map with Indian place names and their meanings.

Plimoth Plantation
Virtually visit recreations of the Mayflower,  an 1627 English village, the Wampanoag home site and more.

Wampanoag Culture and History Links
Learn about the Indian tribe that helped the Pilgrims survive in their new environment.

Events and Traditions

Berkeley Plantation
Colonists landed here in 1619, so this historic site claims to be the real home of the first Thanksgiving.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
This 74-year-old New York City tradition has become as American as pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Recipes
A cornucopia of recipes, from cranberry sauce to yams.


Barnstable County, MA GenWeb
Family history tips and links for Plymouth’s home county.

Caleb Johnson’s
See history, a Mayflower passenger list and more from this member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

CyndisList: The  Mayflower, Pilgrims and The Plymouth Colony
Loads of links to help you with your  pilgrim genealogy.

General Society of Mayflower Descendants
Details on how to join, a list of the Mayflower passengers known to have descendants and more articles.

Pilgrims: America’s First Families
Thanksgiving historical fodder and tips on researching Pilgrim ancestors

Sail 1620
The Pennsylvania chapter of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants presents the text of the Mayflower Compact, reveals namesakes of the ship and explains just what a “mayflower” is.

1860 Indian Census of Gay Head (Aquinnah), Mass.
This census lists many Wampanoag people in Gay Head, where the Wampanoag Nation is now located.