Software Review: Family Tree Maker 7.0

By David A. Fryxell Premium

The latest upgrade to Family Tree Maker, the best-selling genealogy software from Broderbund, isn’t as sweeping a change as version 6.0 was. But Family Tree Maker 7.0 still might be worth the upgrade. And if you haven’t already tried FTM, the newest bells and whistles provide even more reasons to shell out the cash for it.

Here’s what’s new and improved in FTM 7.0:

FamilyFinder Center — Integrates all of FTM’s research tools under one roof.

Improved FamilyFinder searching and reports — FamilyFinder now searches the Web and more than 200 CDs, and results are better prioritized and grouped.

Maps — You can plot any event (birth, marriage, death, etc.) for which you’ve entered a location on a variety of world and US maps.

More online storage — FTM 7.0 users get twice the megabytes on their FTM home pages as non-users, a whopping 22MB.

Scanning support — You can zap pictures into your Family Files straight from your scanner or digital camera.

Other tweaks include new support for alternate names, the addition of burial information on Family Pages, and improved merging. FTM 7.0 will read files from any previous version from 3.0 on, so upgrading should be painless. You will need 50MB of free space on you hard drive, though.

(Sorry, Mac users: version 7.0 requires Windows 95 or 98.)

You can order by phone (800-315-0672) or on the Web <>.

From the April 2000 issue of Family Tree Magazine