Untangle Your Roots with RootsMagic Genealogy Software

Untangle Your Roots with RootsMagic Genealogy Software

Learn tips for using some of the tools and features of RootsMagic genealogy software to organize your family tree.

Using RootsMagic Genealogy Software to Untangle Those Roots

As your family tree grows, it can be more and more difficult to keep track of all the data that accumulates with it. RootsMagic software is one solution, and it offers several useful tools users can access to keep their family history untangled. Read below, then sign up for our 4-week course, Mastering RootsMagic to get a ton of step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks. It starts Monday, September 10, so don’t wait. Enrollment ends soon!

Cite your sources in RootsMagic

Every fact should have a source of some type (even someone’s personal knowledge is a source). Knowing where you got the information can be critical in determining the validity of the information. When you are choosing to create a new source, there are over 400 templates to choose from. Use the search box to find the source type you wish to use. If one of those don’t match your needs, you can create your own source type quite easily.

Adding sources to your facts or people can be done from a number of avenues and once in that screen, you can choose to add a new source or cite an existing source. Citing an existing source will help cut down on the amount of work and the number of repetitions.

Learn all about citing your sources in the Mastering RootsMagic 4-week online course.
Get tips for using RootsMagic genealogy software to organize your family tree.

Make use of RootsMagic lists

RootsMagic has a drop-down menu dedicated to useful lists. These lists are a quick way to access your research and keep it organized. There are to-do lists and research logs to drive your next session and keep your searches on track, as well as source lists, place lists, and fact type lists. Learn more about three useful lists in this Family Tree Magazine article.

Sync with your online trees using Treeshare

Are you torn between having an online tree at Ancestry.com and keeping your work in a genealogy software database? Why not have both? Treeshare allows you to sync your online tree and your RootsMagic database, while also offering hints for possible matches. It’s the best of both worlds, without the hassle of maintaining them separately. Learn more about genealogy software vs. online trees in this online article.

Learn how to Use RootsMagic Family Tree Software in our 4-week online genealogy course.

Improve your research with the problem tool

One advantage RootsMagic offers is the problem analysis tool, which brings potential conflicts or inconsistencies to your attention by flagging them. There are ten common flags. You can choose which ones you want to activate and adjust the age ranges to cover certain problem types. So, for example, if your ancestor’s data shows she gave birth over the age of 50, or if you have a great-grandfather who shows to be well over 100 years old, those names would get flagged so you can verify or research them.

Don’t miss your chance to learn more about this in the latest session of Mastering RootsMagic! Course starts Monday, September 10.

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