Uprooted: Milton S. Hershey

Uprooted: Milton S. Hershey

Raising the Bar

Who’s the sweetest guy ever born? Milton S. Hershey, of course. The father of America’s favorite candy bar founded the Hershey Chocolate Co. in 1894. But his career path — and our Valentine’s Day gifts — might’ve taken a different twist if he’d followed his father’s wishes: Dad apprenticed him to a printer when he was in fifth grade. Fortunately for us, Hershey had more interest in treats than typesetting, and found a job with a Lancaster, Pa., confectioner. By the time he was 20, Hershey had established his own candy shop and was on his way to becoming a world-famous chocolate entrepreneur. As you devour your heart-shaped box of chocolates this month, indulge in a little Hershey family history.

1 Milton Hershey’s middle name was

a. Snickers
b. Snavely
c. Skittles
d. Samuel

2 The Hershey ancestry is

a. Dutch
b. German
c. Godivan
d. Swiss

3 Milton’s father was named

a. David Henry Hershey
b. Chocolate Hershey
c. Henry Hershey Hershey
d. Mr. Goodbar

4 Who was Milton’s paternal grandmother?

a. Nancy Hershey
b. Coco Hershey
c. Nancy Ghirardelli
d. Coco Cadbury
5 Milton married a nice
a. Lutheran girl
b. Mennonite girl
c. Swiss Miss
d. Irish Catholic girl

6 When Milton was born Sept. 13, 1857, his parents lived

a. in Dauphin County, Pa.
b. on Fifth Avenue in New York City
c. in Lancaster County, Pa.
d. in Kissimmee, Fla.

7 How many children did Milton and Catherine Hershey have?

a. 14 (chocolate is an aphrodisiac, after all)
b. two: one for each ounce in a standard Hershey bar
c. none — who has time for kids when you’re building a candy empire?
d. six, not counting the one who fell into a vat at the Hershey plant

8 Milton’s two paternal great-grandfathers were

a. Isaac Hershey and Christian Hershey
b. Reese C. Hershey and P.C. Hershey
c. Isaac Hershey and Jacob Hershey
d. Baby Ruth Hershey and Toblerone Hershey

9 Milton’s parents were married Jan. 15, 1856, in a

a. Mormon temple
b. Mennonite church
c. Lutheran church
d. the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification church

10 Where is Milton Hershey buried?

a. in Grant’s Tomb
b. at his grandparents’ homestead in Dauphin County, Pa.
c. under a large granite Hershey’s Kiss
d. in Hershey, Pa.



Number of correct answers:

8-10 Celebrity Savvy

6-7 Notably Knowledgeable

4-5 Star Crossed

0-3 Infamously Ignorant

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