30 Days of Genealogy Websites

30 Days of Genealogy Websites

Each month, the editors of Family Tree Magazine share a genealogy challenge that will make you think about your family tree in new ways.

The web contains thousands of genealogy websites that hold clues to your family history, but having so many options can be overwhelming. Each year, Family Tree Magazine puts out a list of the 101 Best Genealogy Websites to help researchers find the resources that will best suit their needs.
Each day during the month of April, the editors of Family Tree Magazine will highlight one of these golden resources that you can use in your research. Follow along on this page and social media, and share your success stories—and websites you think we should add to our list—on Facebook and Twitter.

Day 1: Cyndi’s List


A classic that’s been collecting links since 1996, Cyndi’s List is especially useful if you don’t know where to look next or you’re wondering what resources are out there. The Related Categories links on each page of this recently revamped site give you even more sites to explore.

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