What Are You Doing Next Weekend?

By Ashlee Peck Premium

Our 2017 Fall Virtual Conference is just 6 days away!  If you aren’t signed up yet, here are just a few of the several reasons that you should register! Be sure to grab the coupon code at the end of this post to save $30 on your conference registration!

2017 Fall Virtual Conference

The Virtual Conference is three days of video presentations and discussions – all the best parts of an in-person conference, but without the hassle of traveling, and best of all – you don’t have to miss a single presentation!

Each presentation is pre-recorded so you can make your own schedule – and they’re downloadable, so you don’t have to rely on your internet connection or watch them all in one weekend.

Conference Features

The Fall Virtual Conference includes 3 days of discovery and fun that will inspire you to try new research methods and resources in finding your family history.

  • 16 half-hour video classes in a wide range of topics, including:
  • genetic genealogy applications
  • the latest tools to benefit your research
  • strategies for finding your family history
  • resources, records and repositories
  • genealogy organization tips and preservation strategies
  • geography, immigration, culture and ethnicity

Presentation Lineup:

Genetic Genealogy

Which Test is Best? – Shannon Combs-Bennett
See a comparison of the tests from, 23andMe, MyHeritage, and FamilyTreeDNA to figure out which test is best for you. This is ideal for those who are just beginning their DNA journey.
Apply Y-DNA Test Results to Research Challenges – Debra Smith Renard
In this presentation, you’ll learn how you can use those yDNA test results to overcome brick walls. This presentation assumes familiarity with Y-DNA testing basics.
DNA Demystified – Shannon Combs-Bennett
In this presentation, you’ll get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about genetic genealogy, from, “What is a centimorgan?” to chromosome mapping and phasing.
Native American DNA – Roberta Estes
How can you use DNA testing to discover and explore Native American heritage? Discover what you need to know when it comes to using genetic genealogy to find your tribe.
Using DNA to Break Down African-American Brick Walls – Shannon Christmas
African-American genetic genealogy can have some unique challenges, as well as some fantastic opportunities. Learn how to break down African-American brick walls with DNA testing.

Technology and Tools

Cloud Technology: Preservation and Organization – Jennifer Alford
Learn how to preserve your genealogy and organize it online with these tips. You’ll learn about what tools will be most useful for keeping your work in great shape.
Time Travel Technology – Lisa Louise Cooke
Go back in time to discover your ancestors with these tech tools that will help you discover the details that will bring your ancestor’s history to life.
Resources for Visual Storytelling – Nancy Hendrickson
If a picture paints a thousand words, this presentation will provide you with the know-how to about your ancestors’ lives using visual elements.
5 Google Secrets Revealed – Lisa Louise Cooke
Google is a great resource for researching your family history and heritage, especially when you’ve learned these handy research tricks.


Naturalization Records – Lisa Alzo
Naturalization records can be tricky to find, but we’ve got you covered with 5 different approaches to finding your records, as well as how to determine if an ancestor was naturalized, what information is in the recorsds, and alternatives to missing records.
Latin American Immigration Research – Gena Philibert-Ortega
Dig into your Latin-American family history with these strategies and resources focusing on your immigrant ancestors.

Research Strategies

Legal Traditions in Colonial American Genealogy – D. Joshua Taylor
Exploring the legal records of our ancestors will reveal a lot about their lives as well as provide clues for what records may exist. In this workshop, you’ll gain an understanding of colonial legal systems, explore resources for finding codes and statutes, and explore a colonial murder trial.
Things to Purge and Save – Denise May Levenick
It’s tempting to hold on to everything with the thought that it might be useful later, but before you clutter up your home, watch this presentation from the author of How to Archive Family Keepsakes for tips on what you should save and what you can safely discard.
What Else Can the Census Tell Me? – Sunny Morton
Have you truly mined the census records for every detail? There are some fantastic details hidden inside census records, and this presentation will help you find them.
Marriage Records – Gena Philibert-Ortega
Know the difference between a marriage registry and a marriage certificate? If you need to find records of your ancestors’ marriages, this presentation will cover the various types of records, along with alternatives to missing records.
Proof Positive – Shannon Combs-Bennett
When we search for records, we’re all searching for “proof”– proof our ancestors existed at a certain time or in a certain place, proof that we’re on the right track, proof of a family story, etc. Learn what “proof” means and how to use it to better your research.

The conference will be help September 15-17. Enter coupon code VCDIANE30 at check out to save $30 on your registration!