Genealogy Website Search Tutorial: WorldCat

Genealogy Website Search Tutorial: WorldCat

Work the WorldCat online catalog to find the genealogy materials you need in libraries.

WorldCat catalogs all items in library catalogs, not just family history materials, so try adding history or genealogy as a search keyword here. Use the basic search to find keywords anywhere in a catalog entry. Click Advanced to also search for words in titles and authors, and to narrow your search by publication year, format (archival material, book, map, etc.), and other terms. Model your search after this example:
1. We’re researching a family from Napoleon, Ripley County, Ind., so we’ll enter the keywords Napoleon Indiana History into the basic search.

2. One promising search result is the book Napoleon & Vicinity: Sesquicentennial, 1820-1970: Historical Souvenir. Click the title to see the book’s WorldCat listing.

3. The listing shows copies at libraries from nearest to farthest to the ZIP code you enter. Scroll down for a more-detailed description of the book. In the Subjects section at the top of the listing, click on Napoleon (Ind.) History to run a search for books and other items assigned to the same subject. 

From the October/November 2014 Family Tree Magazine

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