Genealogy Insider: WWI Around the World

Genealogy Insider: WWI Around the World

The effects of "the Great War" were felt around the world, but in some places more than others. See the casualty rates in the charts below.

As the graph above suggests, Austria-Hungary had the largest causality rate out of the combatants in World War I, followed by Russia, France, Romania and Germany. More than 40 percent of global WWI-related deaths were suffered by civilians – mostly because of war-related famine and food shortages.
While their accomplishments in large-scale military conflicts are often overlooked, women played essential roles in World War I, some of which are indicated above. In addition, pilot Amelia Earhart and author Agatha Christie both served as Voluntary Aid Detachments in Canada and in France, respectively.
From the July/August 2014 Family Tree Magazine 

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