State Resources for Your Ancestors’ WWI Military Records

State Resources for Your Ancestors’ WWI Military Records

You may be able to learn more about your relative's WWI service by researching at the state level for the place where he enlisted or was drafted.

Even if your ancestor’s WWI records were lost in the fire at the National Personnel Records Center, you may be able to learn more about his service by researching at the state level for the place where he enlisted or was drafted.
Most states kept their own records about those who served. Consult the FamilySearch guide for your ancestor’s state to learn what records are available and how to access them. Many states have made some of their WWI records searchable online, augmented by volunteer efforts. Here are some of the most data-rich of these state sites:
Alabama: This in-progress WWI Gold Star database lists those who died during the war or were awarded distinguished service recognition.
Alaska: View a listing of Alaskans who served.
Arkansas: Search an index to 36,000 discharge records cards.
Colorado: View draft registration cards, Denver casualties and soldier burials in Europe.
Connecticut: Search for veteran questionnaires.
Florida: Search a service cards database.
Hawaii: Access Army and Navy service records.
Illinois: A 1929 Roll of Honor database of 72,000 veterans’ burial locations includes some from World War I.
Indiana: Search a list of 1,420 Indianans who died in the war.
Kansas: Access a bounty claims index and Kansas soldiers data, plus see a casualty index.
Mississippi: Browse statement of service cards and indexes.
Missouri: This database includes more than 156,000 service cards. See also St. Louis city and county WWI deaths.
Nebraska: Search a draft registration cards database.
New Jersey: Scroll down to search photos and descriptive cards of those who died.
New Mexico: View a deaths listing.
Oregon: See Army and Navy death listings, plus a draft registration index.
Pennsylvania: Browse a deaths listing and search the Service Medal Application Cards Index.
Tennessee: Browse service records by county.
Virginia: This site has a database of 14,900 veteran questionnaires. See also the ongoing Virginia Military Dead Database.
Washington: Search this service summary cards database.
West Virginia: This site has a deaths database of 20th century wars.
Nationwide: In 1920, W.M. Haulsee, F.G. Howe and A.C. Doyle compiled a three-volume listing of US soldiers who died in World War I called Soldiers of the Great War. Genealogy websites such as RootsWeb include various partial transcriptions of names from these volumes. You can partly view a digitized version at Google Books, or view it on the Internet Archive.

From the July/August 2014 Family Tree Magazine

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