Y Marks the Spot

By Crystal Conde Premium

DNA testing is the latest trend in genealogy research — some family historians are paying big bucks to discover what ancestral information their genes hold. If you’ve been tested, you might he wondering if others who share your surname have been tested, too. And you’re probably curious how many long-lost relatives you have, just waiting to be found. DNA Heritage’s Ybase <> provides free search and submission capabilities anyone can use: It doesn’t matter what company conducted your DNA test. Search the company’s Y-chromosome database by inputting up to 36 Y-chromosome markers. Search results will include exact matches or near misses. You can also search by surname, surname variants and ancestral information. If you’d like to create a record, submit your Y-chromosome genetic markers, surname, information on your direct paternal line, and your e-mail address. Once you’ve completed the submission process, you’ll receive a record identification number and a password. Return to the site any time to edit your record.

From the June 2003 Family Tree Magazine