By Diane Haddad Premium

Family Tree DNA, a genealogy DNA testing company, has launched a free online Y-DNA database called Ysearch <>. Users can enter their Y-DNA test results and search for potential relatives. A “conversion page” shows how to translate results from other labs into FamilyTreeDNA’s format for easier comparisons.

Genealogy DNA testing — which uses different chromosomes from medical DNA tests — can confirm or disprove relationships between people and estimate the number of generations to their common ancestor. Y-DNA tests utilize the Y chromosome (inherited by males), and can match men who are related through paternal lines. (To be part of Ysearch, a woman would enter a male blood relative’s test results.)

You can register with Ysearch by submitting Y-DNA test results, contact information (there are several privacy options) and your most-distant known ancestor. Once you have a user ID, enter it to look for genetic matches. Ysearch had 2,900 registered users as of February.

Anyone can search the database by last name or haplogroup (a genetic category that suggests early ancestral origins), and compare multiple individuals’ results. Hits show the person’s DNA-test results, name, haplogroup, and ancestors’ names and origins. If the submitter kept his e-mail address confidential, you can send a message via Ysearch.
From the June 2004 Family Tree Magazine