Family Tree Magazine April 2006 Digital Edition


Featuring Scientific Methods, Around the World in 51 Clicks, Get in the Game, and more!

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Scientific Methods
Take a cue from the sleuths on “CSI.” Try these seven forensics-inspired techniques to advance your genealogical investigations. By Colleen Fitzpatrick With Andrew Yeiser


Around the World in 51 Clicks
You don’t have to hop a boat or plane to trace your clan in their native lands. These outstanding online databases are your ticket to foreign family tree discoveries. By Rick Crume

Get in the Game
Want to gain a competitive edge in your family history research? Add these 17 essential contacts to your team. By Lisa A. Alzo

State Research Guides
Trace your ancestors across the USA! This issue’s special pullout section features how-to articles and resource sheets for:

  • Arizona
  • Minnesota

Stash these guides in your research binder or tote them to the library—and quickly find the essential facts, advice and resources you need to trace your family tree anywhere in the country.

Financial Aid
As tax time looms, take a break from your 1040 to audit your ancestors. We’ll show you how to glean maximum genealogical returns from financial records. By James M. Beidler

Top of the Charts
We put 11 family tree chart-printing services to the test-see how they stack up in our exclusive buyer’s guide. By Rick Crume


Out on a Limb
UFOs and your family tree. By Allison Stacy

Making Connections
Readers respond to Family Tree Magazine.

Branching Out
What’s new in discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history, including: • Six ways to celebrate your female forebears • Irish heritage by the numbers • Off-limits Swedish data • Certifiable changes in genealogy. By Diane Haddad

Living History
This season’s best historical events, including: • Unlocking the story of Georgia’s infamous Civil War prison • Getting hip to Hawaiian heritage • Stepping into slaves’ shoes in Indiana. By Dana Schmidt

Preserving Memories
Seeing the light, probing pH and other tips for protecting your past. By Anne Wilbur

Everything’s Relative
Enclosed captioning, plus your tales from the lighter side of family history.

Now What?
Mystified by merchant mariners? Jockeying for your Japanese genealogy? Our experts offer advice.


Photo Detective
Uncovering hidden photo clues. By Maureen A. Taylor

The Toolkit
A four-point orientation to the National Archives’ revamped Web site. Plus: • Reviews of RootsMagic and Family Tree Legends software • Interlibrary loan hints • New sourcebooks for surname meanings. Edited by Dana Schmidt

Time Capsule
A celebrated vintner uncorks his parents’ legacy. By Robert Mondavi

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