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Now you can download this issue of Family Tree Magazine. It’s in an easy-to-search PDF format that works on almost all computers equipped with the free Acrobat Reader program. The issue is compatible with PCs, Macs and many other computers.

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Vintage Advice
These 10 best tips from Family Tree Magazine‘s first 10 years prove that some genealogy advice gets even better with age.
By David A. Fryxell

Victory in Europe
Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of tracing ancestors in the old country. Follow our 10 tips for roots research in Europe, and success will be yours.
By Lisa A. Alzo

Talk About an Evolution
Just how far has online genealogy progressed? Follow along as we count down the top 10 developments of the past decade.
By Rick Crume

Family Tree Flashback
How does genealogy–and the world–differ from a decade ago? Our retrospective puts the past in perspective.
By Allison Stacy

The Big Picture
Every picture tells a tale–you just have to tease it out. Here’s how my 10 best photo-identification tips have helped solve photo mysteries.
By Maureen A. Taylor

Genealogy Insider
What’s new in discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history:
• Edgar Allan Poe’s family tree
• index goes 2.0
• top 10 US surnames
• new family history books
Edited by Diane Haddad

Web Guide
Learn to master family history Web sites: Whether you’re a beginner or a power user, our pullout guides show you how to make the most of popular online destinations, with how-to advice, navigation hints, screen-by-screen search techniques and cheat sheets of quick links and shortcuts.
In this issue: FamilySearch

The Toolkit
Reviews and roundups of the latest, greatest family history resources:
• external hard drives
• timeline generators
• Family Tree Builder software
• iPhone genealogy apps
Edited by Allison Stacy

Out on a Limb
Letter from the editor.
By Allison Stacy

Making Connections
Readers respond to Family Tree Magazine.

History Matters
Spotlighting the history of neon.
By David A. Fryxell

Family Archivist
Donating family papers and storing textiles.
By Sunny McClellan Morton


Now What?
Answers on immigrant travel and Ukrainian roots.

Everything’s Relative
Tales from the lighter side of family history.
Document Detective
Clues in WWI draft cards.
By George G. Morgan

Time Capsule
A Polish immigrant’s experience in his own words.
By Sharon DeBartolo Carmack


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