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Now you can download this issue of Family Tree Magazine.

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Now you can download this issue of Family Tree Magazine. It’s in an easy-to-search PDF format that works on almost all computers equipped with the free Acrobat Reader program. The issue is compatible with PCs, Macs and many other computers.


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This issue deviates from our regular format (your favorite columns and departments will return next issue). We’ve prepared a 2011 Family History Planner, a calendar for every month with reminders for genealogical tasks, events and holidays. You can add notes from your research to-do list, too.

Each accompanying article is hands-on, delivering the practical information you need to do something genealogical — whether it’s formulate a research plan to tackle brick walls, edit tears and spots out of family photos, solve geographic research problems with Google Earth or another activity.

Road Map to Your Roots
Want to make some ancestral breakthroughs? Bust some brick walls? A research plan can guide you to your past.
By Lisa A. Alzo

Picture Perfect
Are your pictures faded and creased? Undo the damage with our guide to fixing four common photo flaws.
By Diane Haddad and Christy Miller

Family History Central
Access the world’s genealogical records right in your own backyard at Family History Centers.
By Tami Osmer Glatz

Make a Connection
Social media and technology have changed the way we communicate. Use these seven methods to tap into the genealogy community.
By Thomas MacEntee

Heir Apparent
You just inherited boxes upon boxes of family heirlooms and papers from your late great-aunt. Don’t panic! We’ll help you sort the trash from the family treasures.
By Denise Levenick

Fast Track
By Sunny McClellan Morton

Planning a last-minute family reunion? Follow our tips to make your get-together a success.

Treasure Tales
Keep your heirlooms’ legacies from getting lost by writing the stories of their pasts.
By Denise Levenick

Ocean of Records
Seeking your ancestors’ US arrival documents? Here’s how to find them in’s collection of immigration records.
By David A. Fryxell

Solutions From Space
Home in on answers to ancestral place puzzles with our genealogist’s guide to Google Earth.
By Lisa Louise Cooke

Loan Sharp
Your guide to borrowing books and microfilms from faraway repositories with interlibrary loan.
By Irene Martin

Start Spreading the News
Reconnect with your family and friends by sending an informative, engaging family newsletter — these tips will show you how.
By Connie Pidelo-Ona

Recipes for Success
Use these tips to preserve and pass on precious family recipes.
By Karen Edwards


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