Family Tree Magazine March 2009 Digital Edition


Featuring Cheap Thrills, Catalog Shopping, Tale Spin, and more!

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Cheap Thrills
Don’t let the stumbling economy curb your research. Our special budget genealogy section will help you find family without breaking the bank.
• 11 family tree essentials you can get for free
• research trips on a shoestring
• economic crises your ancestors witnessed


Catalog Shopping
Having a hard time finding genealogy answers in libraries? Our five-point plan helps you use library catalogs to home in on the resources you need.
By Rick Crume

Tale Spin
Weave your memories into unforgettable anecdotes with these six secrets of successful storytelling.
By Sunny McClellan Morton

Great Danes
Does your heritage speak of fairy tales, Hamlet and hygge? Let us guide you to the best resources for discovering your Danish family tree.
By David A. Fryxell

Branching Out
What’s new in discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history:
• how the economy affects your research
• growth of family networking sites
• Live Roots
• genealogy news roundup
By Diane Haddad

State Research Guides
Trace your roots across the USA! Our pullout guides are perfect for stashing in your research binder or toting to the library—quickly access the essential facts, advice and resources you need to find your family anywhere in the country. In this issue:
• New Hampshire • Idaho

The Toolkit
Reviews and roundups of the latest, greatest family history resources:
• crash course in genealogy wikis
• Family Tree Maker 2009 review
• free online photo-editors
• four transcription guidelines
• The Book Report
Edited by Allison Stacy

Out on a Limb
Honoring WWII vets.
By Allison Stacy

Making Connections
Readers respond to Family Tree Magazine.

History Matters
Gliding through the history of roller skates.
By David A. Fryxell

Now What?
Expert answers on genealogy sans computer and surname origins.

Preserving Memories
Caring for Grandma’s jewelry, saving rolled-up photos and more.
By Grace Dobush

Photo Detective
Looking beyond the obvious in a family portrait.
By Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

Everything’s Relative
Tales from the lighter side of family history.

Test your genealogy IQ on Bill Cosby’s family tree.
By Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

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