Family Tree Chart: Watercolor Design (Download)


Family Tree Chart: Watercolor Design

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You’ll love this if …

  • You want a beautiful-but-basic family tree for display purposes
  • You want to show off your family’s heritage in your home or office
  • You’re looking for a meaningful gift for a relative
  • You prefer either a printed chart you can label by hand or in a style of your choice, OR a digital chart you can type directly into and print out yourself
  • You like a watercolor-painting look

Show off your family’s heritage in style! This lovely watercolor family tree is ideal for framing and displaying.

This chart features:

  • space for four generations of ancestors’ names. Don’t like your handwriting? Buy the digital format and simply type right into the PDF!
  • labels for each generation to make filling out easy
  • blue banner for the root person’s name or surname (“Marie Ward Family Tree” or “WARD Family Tree”)
  • optionally, you might choose to add life dates or other brief information inside or outside the designated boxes
  • watercolor-style tree with green and blue leaves and brown trunk
  • printed chart measures 11×14 inches, on durable paper with matte finish for ease of writing (we recommend using a felt-tip ink pen such as the Identi-Pen)
  • digital version comes in three sizes to fit standard photo frames: 8×10 inches, 11×14 inches and 16×20 inches

*Printed chart is on durable paper with matte finish for ease of writing (we recommend using a felt-tip ink pen such as the Identi-Pen)

This decorative tree won’t replace your working genealogy charts that cram in many generations of names and dates. Instead, it’s perfect for:

  • a tasteful display for any room of your home
  • a wedding gift for a bride or groom in your family
  • a new baby gift for a friend or relative
  • sharing family history with relatives in a format they’ll appreciate (and won’t overwhelm them)
  • a keepsake for your own children or grandchildren

Hints for hand-lettering your chart:

  • Use a pencil to lightly write names into the boxes, erasing and redoing until you’re satisfied with how each one looks.
  • If you don’t like your own handwriting, type the names in a font you like and print out on a piece of white paper. Place the paper over the appropriate box on the chart and trace the name, pressing firmly in order to “emboss” the names onto the chart. Trace over the embossing with pencil.
  • Go over the pencil with a permanent ink pen in the color of your choice. We like felt-tip archival-safe ink pens, such as the Identi-Pen.

Hints for adding type onto your printed chart:

  • Type names, along with any other desired information (such as birth, death and marriage dates), into your word processing software and print onto clear or white labels.
  • Trim the labels to fit the chart boxes and affix to your chart.

Digital format allows you maximum flexibility:

  • Type and save information directly in the chart PDF.
  • Print as many copies as you like, in whichever size(s) suit your needs best. You can print yourself, take the file to a local copy shop to print on your paper of choice, or even upload to an online service to print on photo paper or canvas. Create an 8×10 chart for your desk, an 11×14 version for gifts, and a 16×20 tree for your next family reunion!

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