Family Tree Magazine May/June 2018 Digital Edition


This month, Family Tree Magazine is proud to announce: We got a makeover! Not only did we get a new look, but we also have added some new columns. Stories to Tell shares a researcher’s story of unexpected family history discovery. To help you preserve your own history, we’re introducing a page called Your Turn. And in our new Timeline column, contributing editor David A. Fryxell shares important developments in historical innovations that shaped our ancestors lives.


In addition to unveiling our new design, this issue will also take you on a journey to Ellis Island through a photo tour. We’re also discussing an issue most genealogists encounter at one point or another – records lost to major historical fires. Plus, learn tips for managing the distribution of heirlooms, next steps for your DNA results, and what exactly Resistance Genealogy is.

What’s Inside!

Highlights from this issue include:


  • 3 Simple Steps for Your DNA Results
  • 4 Tips to Overcome Vanished Records
  • 6 Websites to Memorialize Ancestors


Behind the Golden Door

By Diane Haddad

Ellis Island with everything they owned and their hopes for a better life. Our photo tour lets you follow in their footsteps..

Heirloom Handout

By Denise May Levenick

Passing on a houseful of family treasures to the next generation isn’t always a simple matter. Here’s how to work through that transition—and what to do if no one wants the stuff.

DNA Direction

By Diahan Southward

Not sure what to do with your DNA test results? We’ll outline three “next steps” to make new genealogy discoveries..

Holes in History

By Sunny Jane Morton

Major record-destroying fires have likely impacted your ancestry search. We’ll help you raise your family tree from the ashes of these disasters.

Links in a Chain


By Ashlee Peck

Meet the journalist who’s bringing genealogy out of the past and into current events.


FTM_ Columns

  • State Research Guides: Michigan and Arkansas
  • Lisa’s Picks
  • Timeline
  • Family History Home
  • Stories to Tell
  • Your Turn
  • Photo Detective
  • Now What
  • Tech Toolkit

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