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Supercharge your genealogy search with the tips in our October/November 2014 issue.

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ADVERTISEMENT Card Catalog Crash Course
By Nancy Hendrickson
How do you home in on more ancestor answers? Follow these tips to master the Card Catalog, including:

  • Step-by-step directions for accessing the catalog, including photos
  • Finding databases of interest
  • Using search filters
  • And more

Hitting the Stacks: 5 Strategies for Searching Library Collections
By Lisa A. Alzo
Some people think libraries are so yesterday, full of dusty books that are more efficiently searched online, but repositories around the world hold a wealth of manuscript records that aren’t digitized. Follow our five search strategies to find out what family secrets you might find lurking in those library stacks.

Saving Lives: 6 Tips to Preserve Digital Photo Collections
By Karen Edwards
Are your digital photos scattered across your computer, phone and camera? Will your descendants be able to find them? Take steps now so your family’s visual legacy won’t be lost forever. Our guide includes:

  • Managing your photo collection
  • Creating backups
  • Tagging techniques
  • And more

Technology Rx: 10 Tips for Managing Tech Intake
By Lisa Louise Cooke
Too much technology giving you a tummy ache? These 10 tools for managing your tech intake are just what the doctor ordered. Includes tips for which online services to use and how to effectively take a timeout from technology.

Trace Your Italian Roots
By Melanie D. Holtz
Let our guide get you started discovering your roots in Italy. We help you with:

  • Understanding historical influences on record keeping
  • Finding records resources
  • Overcoming language barriers
  • And more

Workbook: Pension Records
By Shelley K. Bishop
This workbook will show you what family history data is in pension records, how to find them, and what other records include the information you seek. We’ll also provide a worksheet you can fill in to map out your pension records search.


Document Detective: US Passport Applications
By George G. Morgan
Uncover family history clues in US passport applications with the help of our document detective. We walk you through accessing the record and what to look for once you have it.


Family Archivist: Heirloom Silver
By Denise Levenick
If you’re the fortunate owner of an heirloom silver set, with a little time and careful handling, you can bring back the luster of old silver. We show you how to clean off tarnish, store your silver and preserve it for generations to come.

History Matters: Time Zones
By David A. Fryxell
Whether you’re on DST or GMT, it’s always prime time to read up on time zones.

Now What?
By David A. Fryxell
Our experts help you hurdle brick walls by answering reader questions.
In this edition, we teach you:

  • How to find pre-WWII Polish records
  • About German WWII POW camps
  • Where to find information about historical natural disasters

Quick Guide: Web Browser Extensions
By Dana McCollough
Free web browser extensions, also called plug-ins or add-ons, can help you maximize the power of your internet browser and spend your time online more efficiently. Our guide explains different services, features and compatible browsers.

Research Roadmap: Not-So-Blind Dates
By Tyler Moss
Maps to point your research in the right direction: Our experts take a look at Gregorian calendar adoption dates.

Resource Roundup: Add-Ons for Your FamilySearch Family Tree
By Rick Crume
The free FamilySearch Family Tree sets itself apart from other online family tree collections with a growing list of third-party add-ons to enhance functionality. This overview describes some of the most helpful extensions, ranging from research tools to shortcuts for sharing family history.

Software Review: Ancestry Mobile App
By Rick Crume
Our experts weigh in on the Ancestry mobile app, highlighting special features, potential drawbacks, ease of use and more.

Tutorial: Finding Swedish Records on ArkivDigital
By Diana Crisman Smith
For many years, the Swedish national archives’ records have been available exclusively on Genline (now a part of the World Subscription). But, now ArkivDigital serves as another option for Swedish records, home to nearly 50 million high-quality, color image scans. Our guide explains how to access the records and what you may find among them.

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