Live Webinar: Exploring City Directories: How to Trace Your Family in Yesterday’s Yellow Pages


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City directories are indispensable locating tools for genealogists, but they go far beyond connecting an ancestor to a certain place in time. They lead to a multitude of sources, contain information of genealogical value beyond the individual listings, and present a fuller picture of ancestors’ lives.

Join instructor Sunny Jane Morton for this live, interactive webinar and learn:

  • A brief history of city directories: who’s in them, what their original purpose was, when and where they were published
  • Entries in city directories: what they might reveal about your relatives
  • Clues in individual entries: what additional records they may lead you to
  • Entries across time: How a series of chronological directory entries can reveal family stories
  • How other parts of directories might help your research: Using crisscross listings, entries for businesses associated with your relatives, and supplemental materials
  • Where to find city directories: Enormous online collections, plus how to find specific directories you need (offline or online)
  • Search and browse tips for online directories
  • PLUS – ask the instructor your questions during the live Q&A

The webinar will take place: Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 7:00 PM ET