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You’ll love this eBook if…

  • You want to take advantage of’s massive collection of family history records
  • You’ve looked for records on but have struggled to find those of your ancestors
  • You’d like to dig deeper into’s collections gives genealogists access to billions of records, but the researcher’s true task is sifting through them all to find his ancestors. So what are the best ways of searching for genealogy records? This ebook has the answers with tips and techniques for optimizing’s powerful search tools in your research, including how to effectively use filters and craft search terms that will produce results. Whether you’re a veteran power-user or just using for the first time, this ebook will walk you through how to use to efficiently find your ancestors’ records.

What’s Inside

The Master Search eBook features:

  • Tips and strategies for using’s various search tools, including filters and exact searches
  • A guide to finding specific databases to search in’s Card Catalog
  • Practical suggestions for performing difficult searches, such as for female ancestors and relatives with common names

Excerpt: Sample Tips

Here are some tips you’ll find in the Master Search eBook:

  • Use wildcard characters such as the asterisk (*) and the question mark (?) to capture search results that have alternate spellings. These are especially helpful for foreign-language names and place names that are misspelled in records and indexes, as each wildcard character replaces a letter (or letters) in search results. For example, searching for Hendricks?n would capture both Hendrickson and Hendricksin.
  • Consider searching all’s record collections, even those that don’t have traditional records. Collections of ancestor stories, historical photos, and published histories can provide insightful information about how your ancestors lived.

The Master Search eBook comes in PDF format and can be printed out or viewed on your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer for easy reference while working with your family memories.

About The Author: Nancy Hendrickson

Nancy Hendrickson is the author of numerous books and hundreds of articles on online genealogy. A contributing editor of Family Tree Magazine, she wrote the Unofficial Guide to and has been interviewed as an Internet genealogy expert in the New York Times, Kiplinger’s and Better Homes and Gardens.

Note: This eBook contains portions of the larger book the Unofficial Guide to, which also discusses how to use the Web’s number-one genealogy resource. Learn more about the full book.

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