RootsMagic Cheat Sheet


Organize your genealogy with RootsMagic. This quick guide will show you how to create, build, edit, and share family trees in one of the most popular genealogy software programs, featuring tips and techniques for using the program’s more complex features.


Digitize your research with RootsMagic! Genealogy software programs have long been among the most powerful tools in a genealogist’s arsenal, and RootsMagic (with its robust family tree and citation functions, plus its partnerships with and is one of the most useful. This downloadable cheat sheet will show you how to get started with RootsMagic, giving you a crash course in using the popular software program. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Basic information about the RootsMagic software, including how to set up an account, create a new family tree file, and import a family tree from a genealogy website or another program
  • Step-by-step guides to editing/adding new information to family trees
  • Detailed information on how to export your data as a printable report, a webpage on RootsMagic’s website, or even a book
  • Power-user tips for using RootsMagic’s more advanced research aids, such as Lists (to help organize various aspects of your research) and the CountyCheck Explorer (to help standardize place names)

Once you download the RootsMagic Cheat Sheet, you’ll need a PDF reader, such as the free Adobe Reader software, to open it. Adobe Reader and RootsMagic are available for both Mac and Windows computers.


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