Ultimate Family Tree Chart Templates Download


Save and share your family history with style! This download contains 25 beautiful decorative family tree templates that will turn your genealogy into a work of art. Simply download the family tree templates, then type and save the name of your ancestors into the forms.


Don’t settle for drab ancestor forms—create pedigree charts with pizzazz! This collection of decorative family tree chart templates makes the job easy: You can type your ancestor information directly into the four-generation charts, or simply print your favorite designs to fill in by hand. With 25 distinct designs, you’ll find styles suitable for every taste. Plus, each design comes in three sizes that fit standard photo frames (8×10, 11×14 and 16×20 inches) making the charts ideal for all kinds of uses.

Use the Ultimate Family Tree Chart Templates Download to create a beautiful record of your family’s lineage!

Who Should Get This Download

You’ll love the Ultimate Family Tree Chart Templates Download if …

  • You want a collection of beautiful-but-basic family trees for display purposes in your home, workspace or as a gift
  • You want a variety of designs and sizes to choose from
  • You’re looking for a tasteful way to display family tree information at a reunion, wedding or other gathering without overwhelming non-genealogists
  • You prefer digital charts you can type into and print yourself

What’s Inside

The Ultimate Family Tree Chart Templates Download contains 25 distinct designs of ancestry charts. Each chart design features:

  • space for four generations of ancestors’ names
  • labels for each generation to make filling out easy
  • space for the root person’s name or surname (“Mary Smith Family Tree” or “SMITH Family Tree”)
  • optionally, you might choose to type life dates or other brief information along with the names
  • handsome graphical design suitable for framing
  • three sizes to fit standard photo frames: 8×10 inches, 11×14 inches and 16×20 inches

Uses and Ideas for Family Tree Templates

These decorative trees won’t replace your working genealogy charts that cram in many generations of names and dates. Instead, they’re perfect for:

  • a tasteful display for any room of your home
  • a wedding gift for a bride or groom in your family
  • a new baby gift for a friend or relative
  • sharing family history with relatives in a format they’ll appreciate (and won’t overwhelm them)
  • a keepsake for your own children or grandchildren

Hints for using the digital family tree templates

  • Type and save information directly in the chart PDF.
  • Print as many copies as you like, in whichever size(s) suit your needs best. You can print yourself, take the file to a local copy shop to print on your paper of choice, or even upload to an online service to print on photo paper or canvas. Create an 8×10 chart for your desk, an 11×14 version for gifts, and a 16×20 tree for your next family reunion!

Hints for hand-lettering your chart

  • Use a pencil to lightly write names into the boxes, erasing and redoing until you’re satisfied with how each one looks.
  • Then go over the pencil with a permanent ink pen in the color of your choice. We like felt-tip archival-safe ink pens, such as the Identi-Pen.

System Requirements

The Ultimate Family Tree Chart Templates Download is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. All the charts in this download are PDF files viewable with the free Adobe Reader software. Saving typed information within the forms requires Adobe Reader X or a newer version. For best results, use Adobe Reader X or newer.

Contents of the Ultimate Family Tree Chart Templates Download

This download contains the following family tree chart designs:

  • Antique Map
  • Antique Tree
  • Antique Wallpaper
  • Apple Tree
  • Art Nouveau Frame
  • Baroque Frame Purple
  • Baroque Frame Tri-tone
  • Bird Border
  • Black-and-White Tree
  • Branch Frame
  • Bubble Border
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Classic Tree Green
  • Classic Tree Rose
  • Color Squares
  • Festive Tree
  • Leaf Border
  • Modern Orange
  • Pink Textile
  • Retro Circles
  • Rustic Leaves
  • Watercolor Leaves
  • Whimsical Paisley
  • Wild Tree
  • Yellow Birds

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