5 DIY Family History Crafts and Gifts

By Rachel Christian
Man in a blue shirt holding a handmade gift.

These DIY family history projects are a great way to celebrate your family’s story and traditions. Plus, they make great gifts for the other genealogy enthusiasts in your family – or maybe just for yourself! This year, get creative with how you celebrate your family history, and don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.

1. Family History Photo Book

Photo books are a classic family history project. Plus, their simplicity makes them extremely versatile. The subject of your book could be a single ancestor, like this photo book our editor Diane made about her grandfather as a young man. Or it could be about a place or a journey your family took. Your photo book could include special extras like letters, maps or even timelines. The possibilities are endless, all you need is a collection of photos!

Not sure what type of photo book your should make? Let us offer some suggestions!

Our former editor Diane made this photo book as a gift for her dad.

2. Fun Family Newsletter

With all the great online design tools out there like Canva, it’s easy to make a fun, personalized family newsletters. Create a newsletter to distribute during the holidays as an alternative to traditional Christmas cards, or hand them out at family reunions. Get creative with the contents and design of your newsletter (maybe there could be a Family History column?).

You could design your newsletter after a newspaper like The Mushroom Gazette below, or make it look more like a book or magazine. Like photo books, this project is endlessly versatile.

Nicole Ziegler, a graphic designer from Chicago, created this family newsletter entitled The Mushroom Gazette.

3. Acrylic Gel Transfers from Old Family Photos

Photo transfers are an easy way to create wall art out of your favorite family photos. This project looks fancy, but it doesn’t require any special editing or crafting skills which makes it a great project to do with kids! Learn how our former editor Vanessa made an acrylic gel transfer to hang in her office.

Our former editor Vanessa created these two photo transfers to decorate her office.

4. Favorite Family Recipe Cards

Preserve your family recipes by creating these personalized “Favorite Recipe” cards. Adding photos and captions along with the recipes are a way to preserve both special dishes and memories, plus it makes a great gift for others who want to carry on the traditions!

Having trouble following your old recipes? Learn how to re-create family recipes that have been lost to history and convert old measurements.

Take your recipe cards up a notch by including photos and captions.

5. Make a Family History Coloring Book

With the rise in adult coloring books, this is a project that family members of all ages can enjoy! Turn family photographs into black-and-white outlines that you can print out at home and include in your coloring book. You can use images of people, places or objects. Get creative!

Coloring books are a project family members of all ages can enjoy.

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