Best Genealogy Gifts for Beginners

By Madge Maril Premium

If you’re a genealogy beginner like me or looking to buy a holiday present for a genealogist you know, check out these gift ideas.

The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy

AncestryDNA and other DNA tests have opened up new doors for genealogists to learn about their families. The thing is… I’m horrible at science. I don’t even remember from my biology classes in school what DNA stands for. This book helped me–a complete genetic genealogy newbie–actually understand the science behind genetic genealogy and what it means for my family tree. Click here to check it out.

The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide

Everyone has a specific country of interest where their ancestor that helps kickstart their genealogy journey. For many, it’s tiny towns in Germany or the mystery of tracing Eastern European heritage to a specific hometown. For me, I grew up listening to the stories of my Irish grandmother’s childhood. The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide helped me trace my Irish family tree back to Ireland and further. It turns out I still have family in Ireland! Click here to learn more.

Unofficial Guide to

This book is a necessity for anyone with an account. It transformed me from someone who just explored shaky leaf hints on Ancestry and gave up when I got stuck on a brick wall to someone who could actually fully utilize and understand Ancestry’s records to explore details about my ancestors and demolish brick walls in my genealogy. Click here to preview the book.

 Copyright Law for Genealogy 

Most genealogists (and people in general) have no idea how much copyright may affect them until it’s too late. When starting out your genealogy research, you need to be sensitive to sharing photographs or information and how what you share online may be re-used. Watching this webinar is like taking a law class that tells me everything I need to know to keep my family’s information safe online and make sure I’m not violating any laws when researching my family. Click here for more information.
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