Using 1940 Census Records on MyHeritage

By Diane Haddad

That was fast! MyHeritage announced last night it’s the first commercial company to complete its collection of 1940 census images.

The company also published the first searchable index, for Bristol County, RI.

I checked out the MyHeritage 1940 census collection while searching for my grandfather in Bellevue, Campbell County, Kentucky. My mom has taken me to see the house, so I was able to use the One-Step Ed finder to determine the enumeration district.

Then on the MyHeritage site, I chose a state and plugged in the ED number. (If I didn’t have the ED, I could use the keyword field to type terms that might appear in an ED description, such as a street name or institution name.)

This pulled up census records matching that ED.

Clicking on the title brought a page with the ED description and a small view of the first page. I clicked the Full Screen button.

Here’s the first page of the records in the Myheritage image viewer:

It’s pretty straightforward: Zoom in or out with the buttons on the left, use the arrows to page forward and back, and use the X in the top right to close the viewer and return to the record description. The only thing that bugs me is that you can’t type in a page number. If you’re on page 20 of the records and you want to go back to page 2, you have to click the back arrow 18 times.

I easily found my great-grandmother and her family, including my grandfather, on Covert Run Pike.

A “suppl quest” label to the left of Great-grandma Mamie’s name indicates she answered the extra questions at the bottom of the schedule.

She was 20 when she married and this was her only marriage, and she had four children (the schedule states stillbirths aren’t to be included in this total, but unless we have a big family secret, she did count her stillborn baby boy).

Click the download icon at the top right of the image viewer to save the record image. On my computer, this opened the file in a new browser tab—just right-click or control-click to save it to your computer.