Create a Paperless Paper Trail with a Digital Workflow

By Vanessa Wieland

Create a Paperless Paper Trail

There are plenty of reasons to take your research from paper to online. In this article, you’ll see four reasons, plus some tips to get you started. Then, join our Build a Digital Workflow workshop to turn those tips into a workflow for an organized, effective approach, starting May 14th. Gena Philibert-Ortega will be on hand on May 18th to answer your questions. Seats are limited, so sign up today!

Digitize Your Genealogy with a Digital Workflow

Gather and Sort Your Materials

Go through your paperwork, old photos and heirlooms to determine what you have. Gather it all together and begin sorting through it so you can decide what to keep, what to toss, and what to donate. The goal of your digital workflow is to minimize the amount of times you handle the same item. Sort it, digitize it, file it.

Get plenty more tips and tricks from the Family Curator, Denise Levenick about what you should purge, and what you should save in this week-long workshop.

Incorporate a Realistic Time Frame Into Your Digital Workflow

Rome wasn’t built in a day and chances are, your genealogy research won’t be digitized in one, either. Do you have an end goal or project in mind? Once you’ve established that date, you can break down the project into manageable chunks. Devoting 30 minutes a week feels a lot more doable than trying to cram it all into one sitting. That’s why building a digital workflow is so effective. It’s a long-term strategy that you can incorporate into your genealogy research plan.

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