MyHeritage News: Interactive Family Tree Maps & DNA Matching

By Allison Dolan

I wanted to update you all on a couple of cool updates to the MyHeritage genealogy website:

  • First is something I’ve been wishing someone would come up with an easy way to do. PedigreeMap is a free tool that automatically generates an interactive world map that plots events in your MyHeritage family tree (such as births, marriages and deaths), as well as digitized images. You can see a screenshot above.

This is a helpful way to get a big picture of where your family branches migrated over time, see where families connected or branched off, and note geographic similarities (in my research, for example, I’ve noticed that most of my Germans on Mom’s and Dad’s side came from the same area in what’s now Germany).

PedigreeMap is located under the Apps tab in your MyHeritage tree. You can zoom in and out on the map, click a location to see a list of all the events or photos associated with it, view all the places associated with a particular individual or subset of individuals (a person’s extended family, immediate family, etc.), and more. Read more about this tool and get tips for using it on the MyHeritage blog.

The Geni world family tree website, which is owned by MyHeritage, announced today that it’s partnering with Family Tree DNA to integrate autosomal, Y and mitochondrial DNA test results into Geni trees. Read more about this on the Geni blog.