Comparing Details in Marriage Records for the Same Ancestors

By Sunny Jane Morton

Compare and contrast information in records covering your relative’s birth, marriage, death or other life event. Here, you can see the different details in three marriage records for Mike Fox and Mary Eiarmann, who were married in 1889: an index to the civil record, the original civil marriage record, and the church marriage record. We’ve highlighted new information the latter two provide.

Vital records most often refer to birth, marriage, death and divorce records held at the state level. Here, learn the different types of information you can find in each.

Index to civil marriage record

“Colorado Statewide Marriage Index, 1853-2006.” Database with images., 2016.

Groom: Mike Fox
Race: W[hite]
Bride: Mary Eiarmann
Race: W[hite]
Place of marriage: Denver, Colo.
Date: 2-28-1889
Officiant and title: G [or C] Raeber, “C Priest”
Address: Denver, Colo.

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Civil marriage record

Colorado. Arapahoe County. Marriage record #7123, Mike Fox to Mary Eiarmann. Colorado State Archives, Denver.

Groom: Mike Fox
Bride: Mary Eiarmann
Marriage date: 2-28-1889
Marriage place: Denver, Colo.
Officiant: Godfrey Raeber, Catholic priest, Denver, Co.
Date of application: 2-23-1889
Date of filing: 3-6-1889
Witnesses: Grabriel Graizor and Mary Katzbon
Ages: over 21, as sworn to in affidavit

Church marriage record

St. Ann’s Catholic Church (Denver, Colorado). Marriage register, volume unknown, page 2, entry 43, Fox-Eiarmann marriage (1889), Archives of Archdiocese of Denver, Denver.

Groom: Mike Fox
Bride: Mary Eiarmann
Marriage date: 2-28-1889
Marriage place: Denver, Colo.
Officiant: Godfrey Raeber, Catholic priest, St. Ann’s parish, Denver, Colo.
Ages: both age 21
Groom’s parents: Martin and Francis Fox
Groom’s birthplace: Germany
Bride’s birthplace: Ohio
Bride’s parents: Joseph and Catharine Eiarmann

A version of this article appeared in the May/June 2017 issue of Family Tree Magazine.

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