Divorce Research Toolkit

By Sharon DeBartolo Carmack Premium

Web Sites

? Connecticut Women: Not Completely Hidden from History <>: Click Locality Research, then Connecticut.

? Divorce and Marital History <>

? Divorce in Canada (1841-1968) <>

? Divorce Records on Roots Web <>

? I dream of Genealogy: Divorce Records <>

? Where to Write for Vital Records <>


? Colonial Intimacies; Indian Marriage in Early New England by Ann Marie Plane (Cornell University Press)

? Divorce: An American Tradition by Glenda Riley (Bison Books)

? Great Expectations: Marriage and Divorce in Post-Victorian America by Elaine Tyler May (University of Chicago Press)

? The Hidden Half of the Family: A Source book for Women’s Genealogy by Christina Kassabian Schaeffer (Genealogical Publishing Co.)
Common divorce terms

? alimony: spousal support payments, also called maintenance

? decree: a court document legally granting a divorce

? ex-parte: a divorce granted by a judge in the absence of either spouse

? grounds: the legal basis for seeking a divorce

? no-fault: a divorce not requiring proof of either spouse’s fault

? petition: a document filed with the court to initiate divorce proceedings

? petitioner: the spouse who initiates divorce proceedings

? uncontested: a divorce in which both parties agree on the terms

 From the July 2007 issue of Family Tree Magazine.

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