4 Favorite Genealogy Apps to Add to Your Phone or Tablet

By Ashlee Peck
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Here are some great genealogy apps you’re going to want to add to your smartphone or tablet immediately.

dna painter

DNA Painter

Winner of the RootsTech 2018 Innovation Showcase, DNA Painter is an easy-to-use online tool for chromosome mapping. By analyzing your DNA test results, the tool allows you to find out which of your ancestors you inherited specific segments of your DNA from. It also allows you to easily visualize your matches, and as you map your chromosomes, you will be more able to trace and connect new DNA matches as they appear.

As they explain on their What else can you do? FAQ page, once you learn how to paint your matches in the app, your goal will be to assign the segments for each of your DNA matches to the furthest back ancestor possible. You’ll do this by:

  1. Overlay your new matches when they appear
  2. Identify your matches
  3. Analyze and document your research

DNA Painter makes the documenting a breeze with the following tools:

  • Notes — You can make detailed notes on both segments and ancestors/groups of matches.
  • Confidence level — There’s a slider allowing you to indicate how confident you are that a match is useful and that you’ve identified them correctly. This can be managed on a segment level, or you can set a confidence level for all segments in a group. Segments in which you have less confidence will still appear, but will be more transparent.
  • All segment data — You can view all segment data and notes in a sortable table. This table also has a filter box at the top so you can use it to search for and quickly locate a match. Hover over a match name in the table and a ‘View match’ link will appear.
  • CSV download — You can download a CSV file of the data in your profile for local editing in Excel or any other spreadsheet program.
  • Data download — You can download a data file of your profile in a format that can be used to recover it quickly in case of any issues.

Finally, if you need another reason to check out DNA Painter, it’s FREE. So head on over and create your account today!

Other favorites worth checking out

It Runs in My Family

This technology is still in its beta phase, but it already is very easy to use and provides and enjoyable user experience. ItRunsInMyFamily walks you step-by-step through your setup, and helps you get to know your family’s health history. This one is worth checking out if you want to keep track of diseases that run in your family.


ProStamm is a subscription, cloud based indexing genealogy program that organizes, manages, and presen ts family genealogical information and events.  The app allows you to manage your data, and then it generates pedigree charts and a family tree. It also allows you to every person in each photo and document that is uploaded, and will index all the tagged people. Trees can be created manually, by individual, or via a GEDCOM file.


RootsFinder provides free family tree hosting, as well as hints for other websites including FamilySearch,, and MyHeritage, just to name a few. You can also import your family tree directly from FamilySearch, and then adjust your tree within RootsFinder as you see fit.

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